Working Group 4: Implementation: support, adoption, exploitation

WG4’s focus is institutional: its research will focus on the structures and techniques that institutions have implemented in order (1) to nurture the precursors of Advanced Practices in general, and/or (2) to ‘learn’ from specific Advanced Practices — for example, through adapting organisational structures or procedures, developing new capacities, and/or pursuing new fields and forms of activity.

Its goal is to compile a dossier of ‘native’ materials that show how diverse organizations have deliberately and explicitly sought to institutionalise Advanced Practices: org charts, announcements of initiatives or alliances, policies and procedures, staffing plans and job descriptions, MOUs and contracts, promotional materials, ephemera, etc. These materials will likely be arbitrary and incomplete on a per- institution basis, but disparities between institutions will enable critical analyses — on a primary level of diverse organizational strategies, and on a secondary level of ways to assess findings and prognostic avenues for further research.

WG4 objective: Compile a dossier of organizational materials that document diverse institutional efforts to address any stage of Advanced Practices.

WG4-specific activities: Develop a shared, rich-media user-writable resource (e.g., a wiki) to maintain typologies linked to supporting resources, with particular emphasis on metadata (e.g., source, media type, infra-, and/or inter-organizational context).

WG4-specific tasks: (1) Document source materials, and (2) analyse and prepare them for publication. WG4 milestones: (1) Setup of online working environments; (2) kick-off research activities; (3)
conclusion of research; and (4) publication of the dossier.

WG4-specific deliverables: Annotated dossier of primary documents related to Advanced Practices.