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Academic and researcher, experienced leader of ICT projects, an expert on the film industry and project management.
Author of innovative projects implementing ICT tools in the area of education and cultural industries as well as reports and evaluations (Children’s film market in Poland – report 2016). Currently, the project manager of the Media Business Hub - integrated competence development program and the investigator focusing on children and family films at Perception and Viewer Research Workshop at Lodz Film School.
Doctor of Management Sciences related to the Department of Media and Advertising Management at the Jagiellonian University, lecturer in entrepreneurship, cultural economics, and project management. Laureate of the Doctus Lesser Poland program, scholarship holder of the Scholarship and Training Fund as well as the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the area of culture management. A long-term regional consultant of the Erasmus + program in the area of School and Youth Education.
Mentor, business consultant, entrepreneur. Entered on the list of experts of the National Center for Research and Development, the National Agency for Academic Exchange and the National Agency of Erasmus+ Program.

Field of expertise

children film, enterpreneurship in culture and media, economy of culture and crreatives industries (CCI)

Working Group

WG3: Evolving strategies