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Artist working mainly with photography, lecturer, art historian. At the Film School in Łódź, he coordinates the activities of the Visual Narratives Laboratory, where he also heads the Interactive Forms Studio. Recipient of a Fulbright Junior Research Grant at Hohns Hopkins University (2009-2010), and grants, among others, from the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, and the Shpilman Institute of Photography. Headed and participated in grants from the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education, the National Science Centre, and the National Programme for the Development of Humanities.
Interested in developing convincing visual forms of thinking, as an artist he focuses primarily on the aesthetic – that is, sensual – dimension of the epistemological, political, and ethical, creating visual archeologies of institutions and discourses, biographies of people and things.
Authored a monograph on modernism as seen through the the dual prism of the figure of Michael Fried and photography as a technology that changed our understanding of art (Archeologia modernizmu. Michael Fried i nowoczesne doświadczenie sztuki [An Archeology of Modernism. Michael Fried, Photography, and the Modern Experience of Art], 2017), as well as "(Post)Modern Fate of Images: Allan Sekula / Thomas Struth" (2013). Edited the volumes "Object Lessons: Zofia Rydet’s 'Sociological Record'" (2017) and "The Archive as Project" (2011). A collection of his translations of essays by Allan Sekula was published by the Warsaw University Press in 2010.
Editor at View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture.

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Visual art, visual culture, critical practices

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WG1: Contexts