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IDC Herzliya

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Born (1962) and raised in New York City, I studied for my undergraduate and graduate studies at Brooklyn College, majoring in Judaic Studies. In New York City, I worked in Jewish community work, immigrating to Israel in 1988. Initially living on a kibbutz and working as an irrigation manager in the orchards, I began my career in higher education management in 1993 when I joined Bar-Ilan University’s Research Authority to re-engineer the pre-award section. Today, I am Director of Research Support and Global Engagement at IDC Herzliya, unites I developed from the ground up (in addition to the academic secretariat) – the premier private and not-for-profit institution for higher education in Israel. I am a passionate advocate of international education and developing global partnerships. As social engineers, I believe we are the sustainable bridge-builders between peoples and cultures today. My wife and I are the proud parents of five, and grandparents of three.

Field of expertise

University management, Research management, Internationalization

Working Group

WG5: Evaluation: values, criteria, procedures