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Kenan Zekic is a Design educator/researcher and experienced multidisciplinary designer. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and received his master's degree at London Metropolitan University (UK). He has got a long experience as a designer, design educator, and consultant in a wide range of projects with the local, international clients and the non-governmental sector.
Kenan is particularly interested in Social Impact Design. His works and projects have been presented and exhibited in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, South Korea, Iran, and the USA. He was a designer of the first Bosnian and Herzegovina national currency coins in 1998. He works as an associate professor at the Visual Arts and Communication Design Program at the International University in Sarajevo, where he is also the Head of the Art Department.
During the academic year 2016/2017, he was at the Penn State University on a Fulbright Exchange Program / Hubert Humphrey Fellowship and spent his professional affiliation working at the Frog Design Headquarters in San Francisco. In that period, his academic and professional focus was set on design and technology relationships, interaction media, human-centered design, and gamification. In 2018, he started the IxDA Chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina. IxDA, is the Interaction Design Association, a global member-supported organization dedicated to the discipline of interaction design.

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WG3: Evolving strategies