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4 years




Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, University of Ljubljana

Short bio

I am employed at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Chair of Graphic Arts and Design (Slovenia). In my work I`m focused on teaching and researching in the fields of textiles and graphics. In doing so, I`m using creative and innovative approaches. I`m participating and managing projects involving experts from different (non) economic institutions and students. I am proud of numerous projects I`ve been working in, however the most successful and my favourite projects are: project Fragrant Bowtie, whose technical solution was patented, the tactile wall story The wonderful Journey of Ada and her puppy Benny, who still adorns the walls of the Center IRIS for blind and visually impaired, project Cankar Ludo Game in which board games were developed by the students of the Chair of Information and Graphic Technology and which was presented at home and abroad, the project Where's the postillion mail horn gone? in which we have developed a mobile application for children and families for the museum with colleagues from various faculties, Workshops for children designed under the tutelage of the same museum by students, My First Textbook, which delight more pupils every year. I believe that an essential part of a successful project is good project organization / managing and creativity. Results of my work is published in different publications at conferences and in scientific and professional journals.

Field of expertise

textile fibres and graphic material structures, adaptations for blind and visually impaired people, innovation management, project management

Working Group

WG2: New vocabularies
WG3: Evolving strategies
WG4: Implementation: support, adoption, exploitation