Member for

4 years


Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)


Technical Museum Slovenia

Short bio

I started my career as a curator – head of Textile Department in the Technical Museum of Slovenia. (1994)
Since 2008 I am a head of the Museum of Post and Telecommunications.
I have prepared and co-ordinated several successful exhibitions and pertaining publications and shared my experience and knowledge with both professional and general publics, and her work has encompassed a variety of activities, including the organisation of various workshops and demonstrations related to old crafts and practises.
I am also engaged in various professional associations and organisations both in Slovenia and abroad.
As a museum professional, I have been involved in many different projects in which we test alternative understandings of practice based research. We strive to attract a broader audience, which would require an understanding of visitor expectations and experiences of visiting a museum. The projects that I work in the past years include other museums, faculties, science centres, primary and secondary schools, institutions for blind and visually impaired people, companies etc. Our projects and practices in networking all those different stakeholders are successful and attract attention on national level, so we have become an example of advanced practices in sharing and transferring knowledge.

Field of expertise

museums, museology

Working Group

WG2: New vocabularies
WG3: Evolving strategies
WG4: Implementation: support, adoption, exploitation