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KOEN BRAMS is an independent researcher, curator and publicist. He is the former editor-in-chief of the magazine De Witte Raaf (1991-2000), the former director of the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht (2000-2011), and the initiator of The Mobile and Temporary Studio for Research and Production (2014-…). He compiled the Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2000; Eichborn Verlag, 2003; JRP/Ringier, 2011). Recent publications: Opus 1. The Artist's Beginnings (together with Ulrike Lindmayr and Dirk Pültau), Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2015; Confusion of Tongues (together with buren [Melissa Mabesoone & Oshin Albrecht]), Posture Editions, Gent, 2017; Écran/Scherm (together with Charlotte Beaudry), Éditions du caïd, Brussel, 2017. Most recent exhibition: Jef Cornelis – TV works /Cornelis – Obras de Televisão (1964-1997), Galeria da Culturgest, Porto, 2015; ‘Have Faith in Your Times’ – Karel J. Geirlandt and the Society for the Museum of Contemporary Art (1957-1960) (together with The Mobile and Temporary Studio for Research and Production), S.M.A.K., Gent, 10 november 2018-10 februari 2019.

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WG1: Contexts