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Macba Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Short bio

He has worked as head of programing at the MACBA since 2016. Co-director of the Independet Studies Program of Macba (2017-18; 2019-20). He has been in charge of Education and Public Activities at the CA2M, Móstoles, Madrid (2009-2016) and associate lecturer in the History of Contemporary Art at the Fine Arts faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid (2011-2015). He edits the et al. series of essays (MACBA-Arcàdia). He's part of the editorial board of L'Internationaleonline He is editorial secretary of the academic research journal Re-visiones and a member of the research and action group on education, art and cultural practices Las Lindes. He has edited published publications including Arte actual. Lecturas para un espectador inquieto (Art today: readings for a concerned spectator, CA2M, 2011) and No sabíamos lo que hacíamos. Lecturas para una educación situada (We didn’t know what we were doing: readings for a situated education, CA2M, 2016); he has curated exhibitions by Werker (2014) and Adelita Husni-Bey (2016), and has collaborated in numerous collective publications including Visualidades críticas y ecologías culturales (Critical visualities and cultural ecologies, Brumaria, 2018), Patricia Esquivias. A veces decorado (Patricia Esquivias: sometimes decorated, CA2M, 2016), Willem de Rooij. Index (Koenig Books, 2016) and Pensar la Imagen, Pensar con Imágenes (Thinking the Image, Thinking with Images, Delirio, 2014).

Field of expertise

Visual culture; Experimental pedagogies and artistic education; New instituionality; Advanced research practices

Working Group

WG2: New vocabularies