Ronny Heiremans

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4 years


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Jubilee vzw

Short bio

Ronny Heiremans is a visual artist, living and working in Brussels. Together with Katleen Vermeir he presents his work as Vermeir & Heiremans. The artist duo investigates the complex relationship between art, architecture and the economy in today’s highly globalised world. Having designated their own house an art work, the artists use this ‘house as artwork’ concept as a framing device that questions the role the arts play within the ever-growing entanglement of finance, urban development and governance. Their practice employs financial tools, historical references, technology, and cinematic language to reflect on social codes as well as on the production of value in today’s artistic and non-artistic realms. In 2012 the artists co-founded Jubilee, a platform for artistic research and production. Jubilee brings together five artists, all working on their individual practices. Apart from that Jubilee initiates research on the socio-economic position of the artist.

Vermeir & Heiremans presented their work at 10th Istanbul Biennial (2007); Arnolfini, Bristol (2009); Frankfurter Kunstverein (2009); Kassel Documentary Film Festival (2009); Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea (2010); Videonale 13, Bonn (2011); Videoex, Zurich (2011); SALT, Istanbul (2011); Viennale, Vienna (2011); ARGOS, Brussels (2012); Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp (2012); 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennial (2012); Manifesta 9 (2012); 13th Istanbul Biennial (2013); Brugge Triennale (2015); Transmediale (2016); Bucharest Biennial (2016); Rencontres Internationales Berlin & Paris (2017); The Atlantic Project, Bristol (2018); Pump House Gallery, London (2018)

Field of expertise

artistic research

Working Group

WG2: New vocabularies